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  • Since the return of sovereignty of Hong Kong to China, we have experienced various challenge. Asia Financial Turmoil affected people of Hong Kong from October, 1997. Fluctuation in stock and property market, bankruptcy of corporate, negative equity, avian influenza A (H5N1) virus out broken in Hong Kong in 1997. It was then widespread to overseas including China, Asia, East Europe... etc. Since December, 2003, we have recorded hundred cases of avian influenza A (H5N1) virus in Asia. "911" terrorist attack in 2001 shocked the world.
    In early 2003, SARS, further attacked the economy of Hong Kong. Everybody scared as a result of consecutive disasters, making Hong Kong and world people to think deeply about life. People were then aware the significance of well balanced life in work, family, sports, recreational activities. People became aware the importance in proper recreational activities.
    Nowadays, the economy in Hong Kong has been recovered from the joint force of the central government and the government of the Hong Kong SAR. Visitors to Hong Kong in 2006 broken all previous record, reaching 23 millions, triggering the full recovery of local retail business, property market became stable. Desire for investment is strong among people in Hong Kong.