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  • Company Profile, Brand, Product Lines and Service Jet Wing Limited was set up in 1992 by Mr. LEE On, Patrick, founder of Company, Group Chairman and Managing Director. Early back to 1995, founder, Mr. LEE On, Patrick , firstly launched windbreaker in local department stores and received extremely good response. By August, 1999 and March, 2000, Mr. LEE On, Patrick applied brand registration in Hong Kong and China respectively. A full range of water sports training gears, sportswear, sporting goods were then designed and made.
    From a focused item of made-to-order silicone swim cap with logos of swimming teams/associations/school teams, rapidly developing to todayˇ¦s comprehensive range like anti-fog, racing and optical goggles, masks, sun glasses, eye guards, swim caps, kickboards, pullbuoy, back floats, inflatable arm bands, hand paddles, silicone gloves and swim noodles, EVA dumbbells, PVA sports towels, chamois, microfibre towels, nose clips, ear plugs, sun caps, chlorine-resistant swimsuit, UV-suits, rushguard, thermal wears, wetsuits, buoyancy aids, boardshorts, specially-made shorts for water sports in dragon boat racing, canoeing, rowingˇKete., tracksuits, windbreakers, coats, bathrobes, fins, flip-flops, sandals, pro aqua shoes, polo and round neck shirts, beach shorts, triathlete shorts, dry-fit shirts and shorts for soccer, basketball, muay-thai teams, high performance sportswear and team uniform made-to-order service.
    Extraordinary sports simplicity spirit is totally, completely and honestly expressed herewith in the course of development by Mr. LEE On, Patrick for the past 8 years. of Jet Wing Limited, carries full range of water sports training gears and sporting goods, providing quality products and services to the publie. We are committed to supporting and sponsoring both local and overseas sports events. In order to pursue honors for Hong Kong, we do our best to support the advancement of local sports level.
    In recent years, of Jet Wing Limited participates in various community development activities, supporting performing arts development, welfare services for the elderly, charity function, religious promotional programme. We serve the community by physical effort instead of merely a promotion slogan. We wish to pay back the community, we wish everybody a strong physique with healthy mind as a result of regular, proper and appropriate sports training and exercise. Everyone lives a happy life with sports and we are able to benefit the community by serving people.
    We are providing customers with ONE-STOP-FOR-ALL services, from graphic and product design, production, wholesaling, to exporting, professional water sports training gears, sporting goods, sportswear and team uniform. Major government departments, disciplinary services, corporate, universities, sports associations and clubs, professional coaches, have adopted products as prerequisite training gears to ensure the quality of training. In order to upkeep the team image, most teams have appointed of Jet Wing Limited as their provider for team sportswear uniform/swimsuit/wetsuitˇK ete. of Jet Wing Limited has been successfully penetrated into the market of Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan. Singapore, Canada, USA and Germany since its first launch in Hong Kong in 1999.
    We are welcomed and supported by customers and users of professional teams. Our successful story has been noted. This is mainly due to the general support from the trade and the people in the community.